Welcome to Coffee with Andie!

cupEvery morning I wake up early to the peace and quiet in my house. The sun usually hasn’t started peaking its head up from the ground when I wake up. I rush downstairs to make the yummiest french press you’ll ever taste before the kids wake up. I sit and sip from my perfectly shaped coffee mug and it makes me happy. I also love meeting friends or colleagues for coffee to catch up or discuss business. I think some of the best ideas are discussed over a cup of coffee. If I need to focus or read over a few contracts I’ll slip away to the nearest coffee shop.

This blog is about music from the perspective of a copyright administrator, that’s me.  I love music and I understand the legality of it.  I am not a lawyer and I don’t pretend to give legal advice but I live and breath all things related to the music industry.  Like coffee, music is one of my passions.  My goal is to encourage and educate readers of all types. Those that work in the industry and those that simply enjoy the end result of what gets created when a songwriter puts pen to paper and what an Artist does with that song.  I have an open mind and I love to learn from all vantage points.  Keep an open mind, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy reading about perspectives from a copyright administrator.

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